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aug 30, 2016

ya girl is EXHAUSTED because she's been taking classes at the studio the last two days. tonight was lyra hoop, which is really hard and hurts a lot and i am gonna be COVERED in bruises in the next few days. but i got to take it with my fave teacher, debora, who is possibly the cutest, fittest gay woman i've ever met. she's #goals honestly.

i think these classes are doing me a lot of good. i wasn't able to take any last week because i hurt my left oblique, and i was really down and tired last week because i had no outlet and wasn't able to condition etc. so coming back to the class has been really nice. (shout-out to kalliel for rocking in general and also for alerting me to the universe of circus in the first place. luv ya sistah <33)

going to bed at 10:30 sounds real good. i think i'm gonna do that.

i'm way behind on writing for scbb and in general, sigh. that's still an issue. it's hard to find time since i've had a lot of editing clients and they need to take priority. i want to get everything i owe to challenges squared away before we leave for iceland, at least.

some promo pictures for s12 have been flooooating across my timelines and stuff and i'm trying REALLY hard to avoid them (already been spoiled for one thing by accident, sigh) but i'm getting the first flickers of end-of-hiatus excitement! it'll probably premiere while i'm overseas, but tbh the idea of watching it at like 1 am in an internet cafe in iceland is wonderful to me. <3

anyway, i looked back over the last few months of lj posts and realised the overwhelming theme is that i've been Sad. so here's a relatively upbeat post, haha.


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Aug. 31st, 2016 08:00 pm (UTC)
Yay for positivity!
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