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more ink!

got the colour put in my tat today, HELL YEAH son

coloured tat

it's currently sprouting little dots of blood, which is new for me, but apparently normal for coloured tattoos. i've got an ice pack on it which is helping. my artist is so cool, man. we talked about ghosts and travel and he did such a great job.


and this is here, too!

i said it would happen, didn't i? <3

this is a brand spankin' new lowkey challenge from yours truly, alethiometry, and probably other mods, who are busy bees at the moment, but will be freer once we get into the swing of things. not a lot of pressure, but hopefully a whole lot of fun. go check out the intro post, join the comm, spread the word, and give charlotte lots of smushes for her amazing banners, because they rock my goddamn socks.

YOU GUYS. i'm excited.


i think i have a new favourite episode. <3

ETA: ok, now that i've eaten some ice and gathered my composure

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happy birthday sam!!!!!!

today my precious beautiful Son turned 33 and i definitely baked an entire double-layer chocolate cake in his honour. i'm eating all of it, i am not sharing.

to celebrate me and my twitter timeline mostly talked about sam in various aus, such as sam being an atlas moth, sam being a one-eyed ghost, and sam being as old as jesus was when he died. so there was that. i also slept in SUPER late and ate really good food all day, something i think he would approve of.

to be corny for a second: i wouldn't be Me without sam; he's seen me through a hell of a lot. every day my SW tattoo reminds me to aspire to be more like him in everything, to be more compassionate, caring, tough, honest, and loyal. no character has ever stuck with me the way sam has, and no character likely ever will again. he is kind and good and beautiful and i think both the storytelling world and my own little world are way, way better for his existence. <33333

gentle flesh; masterpost

Title: gentle flesh
Author: steeplechasers
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural; Hurt/Comfort
Pairing(s): Sam/Soulless!Sam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7533
Warnings: body horror, canonical character death (reimagined), references to torture and rape in Hell, selfcest
Thanks: To quickreaver for partnering with me and making better art than I have ever deserved, and to komodobits for beta work as always!
Summary: Sam's soul is back, safe and sound, from Hell—but his body's nowhere to be found. He's on the run, leaving nothing in his wake but echoes. He doesn't want his soul back, and he's got good reasons. When Sam finds him, hiding out in a motel room halfway across the country, they only have until morning to decide: whether to become one person again, or part ways forever.

gentle flesh

part i / part ii / part iii

art masterpost



i won't bore you with another wall of text on this one i promise lol


it's not finished yet, i am gonna get it coloured in may! but here it is! i've been waiting for this since february and today was finally the day, and alex came along, and it REALLY HURT (more than my first two i think honestly) but i love it <3

it's all iconography associated with saint lucy, who's my patron. uwu i like it a whole bunch.




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